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Hint Kids FAQ

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What is Hint Kids?

Hint Kids is delicious Hint Water in kid-friendly Tetra boxes that children can carry
around, throw in their lunchbox, and enjoy throughout the day! Hint Kids will help
children everywhere to fall in love with water instead of sugary juice drinks. Having long
decried the high sugar content of apple juice and other kids’ boxed drinks, Hint is now
using the same 200mL Tetra boxes to offer a delicious alternative with no sugar and no
diet sweeteners. Hint® kids come in four delicious fruit flavors- watermelon, cherry,
blackberry, and apple.

The kids’ version delivers delicious refreshment with no juice, no sugar, no diet
sweeteners, no colors, no calories, and no preservatives. Like almost all Hint Waters,
they are vegan and contain no MSG, nuts, soy, or gluten.


How much fruit-infused water is in Hint Kids?

  • Each Tetra Pak® box of Hint Kids is 200 mL or 6.75 ounces.
  • Each case of Hint Kids includes 32 Tetra boxes.
  • Hint Kids come in four flavors: watermelon, cherry, blackberry, and apple. These are three of our top Hint Water flavors and a special variety of apple we had been saving just for the kids!


Where can I get Hint Kids?

Hint Kids is available in some stores now, but always available on! 


Are Hint Kids boxes recyclable?

Just like milk boxes, juice boxes, and other water boxes, Hint’s kid-friendly boxes are recyclable in properly outfitted facilities, such as those in use in our home town of San Francisco. Unfortunately, many places in the United States are still not yet be able to recycle them. We chose to move forward with this packaging at the request of many of the parents out there who drink Hint’s bottled products but wanted a small package to share with their kids.  Unlike the situation with our larger adult-targeted products, we feel that Tetra Pak® boxes were the best available choice for small kid-friendly containers. Note that in order to maximize recyclability and prevent straws from getting into our oceans, Tetra recommends pushing the small straws inside of the box when you are through with the drink inside.


Are Hint Kids boxes and straws BPA-free?

Yes, Hint Kids packaging is BPA-free.


My child has food allergies. Is Hint Kids safe for them to drink?

If your child has serious allergies, you should consult with their pediatrician about what products are safe for them to consume. Here are some things for you and your child’s doctor to consider regarding Hint Kids:

  • Hint Kids do not use any of the major allergens (which are milk, eggs, fish, Crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans) and our manufacturers follow standard practices to avoid cross-contamination with these ingredients.
  • Hint Kids is about 99.9% water.
  • Some individuals have less common allergies (for example peaches or oranges). Unfortunately, we cannot assure you that our products will not contain traces of those ingredients, because manufacturers (ours and others we have interviewed) don’t follow the same precautions with respect to other ingredients as they do with respect to the major allergens.

Here are some Hint kids inspired coloring pages for download!

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