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can I add or remove certain flavors to my existing hint subscription?

Kathy -

to change the flavors of your existing subscription, simply login to your customer account at, using the same email you used to set up the subscription. once logged-in, click "orders" in the upper right-hand corner. scroll down to "my subscriptions" and click the subscription you want to edit. in the "contents" box of the subscription you'd like to change, hit "edit subscription."

then, search for the product you'd like to add in the top search box. once you've found your hint water or hint fizz of choice you'd like to add to your subscription, adjust the quantity of cases, if needed. please note that the default quantity is 1 case. once done, hit "update subscription."

please note that you can only add flavors to your subscription on the same interval you already had your subscription set. for example, if you had a 14-day subscription for 2 cases of blackberry hint water and wanted to add 1 case of watermelon hint water, you could only add it at the 14-day interval mark, it could not be set to 30 or 60 days.

if you'd like to change the interval frequency of your entire subscription, you can see how to do that here.

to delete a flavor in your subscription, simply hit the trash can icon next to the flavor (while editing your subscription contents) and click "update subscription." Please make sure you add any new cases to the subscription before selecting "update subscription" to avoid the subscription being inadvertently cancelled.

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    Gia Hulsey

    How to I tell you not to send me certain flavors?

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