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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Add or Remove Certain Flavors in my Existing Hint Subscription?

Kathy -

You can do both! And here's how:

 To remove a single flavor:
  • Log in to your account and click on “account” in the upper right corner
  • Once you are on your account page, you will see your active subscription listed 
  • Click the box next to the flavor you are removing and then click on “Cancel Subscription” on the right removeflavor1.png
  • After clicking on a reason to cancelclick the button to “Cancel Subscription and leave us a comment/feedback in the Comments boxremoveflavor2.png 


 To add a single flavor:
  • Log in to your account at
  • Once you are on your account homepage, you will see your active subscriptions listed
  • Under the flavors listed, you will click on “Add a subscription addflavor1.png
  • You will then enter a product name in the search box or scroll down to the product you want to add and click on “Subscribeaddflavor2.png
  • Once you click on the product you want to add, make sure to check the subscription address, quantity, frequency, and next shipping date then click on “Subscribeaddflavor3.png
  • Once you add the product, you will then be sent back to your home subscription page where you can see all the flavors in your subscription and make sure they are set on the same frequency and same shipment date
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