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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I unsubscribe to/cancel my subscription?

Daniel Oh -

We have several ways to unsubscribe/cancel your hint subscription.

Via the subscription management page:

1. Login to using your login attached to your subscription.  If you don't have one already email us to request a login.



2. Click on 'subscriptions'.


3. Click the 'cancel' link next to each of the flavors you want to cancel. 

NOTE: To cancel all shipments you will need to select the Cancel link for each individual flavor that you are subscribed to. 


4. Select your reasoning for canceling your subscription. 



5. Lastly click 'cancel subscription' and repeat for each flavor that you'd like to cancel. 



Via email

You can also send a cancellation request via email, Facebook Message, or the Contact Us form to the hint Customer Service. We will cancel your subscription for you and you will receive email confirmation.


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