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I Have a Lot of Allergies. Is Hint Safe for me to Drink?

Daniel Oh -

If you have serious allergies, you should consult with your doctor about what products are safe for you to consume. Here are some things for you and your doctor to consider regarding Hint:

  1. Hint does not use any “class 1” allergens (such as soy, peanuts, nuts, shellfish) and our bottlers follow good manufacturing practices to avoid cross-contamination with these ingredients.
  2. Some individuals have less common allergies (for example peaches or oranges). Unfortunately, we cannot assure you that our products will not contain traces of those particular ingredients, because manufacturers (ours and others we have interviewed) don’t follow the same precautions with respect to general ingredients as they do with respect to class 1 allergens. 

Occasionally, a consumer who is highly allergic to many things will request to know our exact flavor recipe. If this is your situation, you might find it frustrating that we (like many other beverage makers) cannot reveal every detail. Bear in mind, however, that this information would not be particularly useful to you, because even if we don’t directly use the particular ingredient to which you are allergic, it is possible that our bottler does use that ingredient in other products produced on the same equipment.

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