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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hint Water?

Daniel Oh -


Hint is unsweetened flavored water that hydrates without calories, sweeteners, or preservatives.


Hint Water is available in many still flavors such as:

watermelon blackberry pineapple
cherry peach clementine
crisp apple raspberry lemon
mango strawberry-kiwi honeycrisp apple
peppermint pomegranate mango-grapefruit
pear blood orange  
NEW peach raspberry!    


We also produce a sparkling version of Hint available in:

blackberry cherry peach
watermelon grapefruit strawberry-kiwi
ginger peppermint (seasonal)  


Our third product line, Hint Kick, marries our fruit-kissed water with a light touch of caffeine:

black raspberry apple-pear
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