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Frequently Asked Questions

Hint Water in Cans

Katherine Arthurs -

  1. Why is Hint now made in aluminum cans?
    We are constantly exploring new packaging options, and there is a strong customer
    demand for Hint in aluminum cans in some of our channels.

  2. Are your cans recyclable?
    Yes. All Hint products – including those in PET bottles, Tetrapak boxes, and
    aluminum cans - are recyclable.

  3. Are you converting all bottles to cans?
    No. We will continue offering a variety of packaging options, including recyclable
    PET bottles.

  4. Where can I get/buy Hint in cans?
    Hint cans are available in select food service locations. If your favorite restaurant,
    coffee shop or corporate cafeteria does not offer Hint cans, please ask them to
    start carrying them!

  5. Does Hint taste the same in a can?
    Absolutely! It’s the same true fruit flavor that’s in our Hint bottles.

  6. Do Hint cans have BPA linings?
    We do not use BPA linings in our cans (BPANI).

  7.  Is Hint Sparkling available in a can?
    At this time, Hint Sparkling is not available in an aluminum can.
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