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Frequently Asked Questions

why do I sometimes see a lower price at a retail store?

Karin - allows customers across the continental United States to enjoy

(1) the convenience of home delivery at no charge (on orders of 3 cases)

(2) a complete selection of hint’s products and

(3) pricing that’s similar to a typical grocery store

from time to time, you can find a limited selection of our products on promotion at lower sale prices in grocery stores or warehouse clubs.  we encourage you to take advantage of special in-store pricing whenever it is convenient for you.  sometimes people wonder why we cannot offer such additional discounting through, since we are selling direct. that’s a great question and we would love to be able to do that, but the high cost of shipping heavy beverages direct to your door makes it impossible to match the lowest in-store discounts.  we are proud to be available through many great retail partners and are happy to have you purchase through the stores and/or through

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